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Dr. George L. Mathis

Brainerd High School is a dream come true for many, but to Dr. GEORGE L. MATHIS it is a way of life. The spirit he wants in each student is no more than that which he feels within himself. In great part, the growth and spirit of Brainerd may be attributed to his deep interest and concern for everything which makes Brainerd "tops". He is always ready to share successes or problems of students and faculty alike. His concern includes not only a vital interest in the progress of the student in school, but also the future success of every Brainerd graduate. He is a man of many facets -- his varied interests encompass his farm, his home and family, civic life, not to mention the United States Navy! He will be remembered in many ways -- standing outside his door with a pleasant smile of greeting, sitting on the sidelines deeply engrossed in a sporting event, sitting on the other side of his desk, sternly reproving but sympathetically understanding, offering words of wisdom during assembly periods, and loyally supporting all phases of student life. He has been a guide -- an inspiration -- a friend.
George L Mathis Sr was born on 05/27/1914 and died on 01/02/2000 at the age of 85. George Mathis is buried in the cemetery: Chattanooga National Cemetery.

-- 1964 HERITAGE